Make Digital Prints At Home

Everyone has a digital camera. It could be a standalone one or an option on a smart phone. There are times when we want prints of our photos to share with others or frame for our own enjoyment. Is it better to print these digital photos at home or in a professional


Continental Stitch

The continental style of stitching in knitting is basically the opposite of English kitting since the yarn is held in the left hand instead of the right. The style is also called “picking” since the knitter picks the yarn as they knit instead of throwing it. The style is also referred to


Framed Silhouettes For Someone Special

Framed silhouettes make great gifts for many different occasions. From birthdays to mother’s day or father’s day a framed silhouette lets someone know that they are special and they can easily become a great keepsake for years to come. It is also a very fun family project for everyone to do together.


Crochet Crossed Stitches

If you have been crocheting for a bit of time, but are ready to take on some stitches that are not only going to add more texture to your finished product but will also take you beyond the basic amateur status, then the following information is for you. Below we will discuss


Cutting the Colored Glass

Artisans have been crafting exquisite glass masterpieces for thousands of years. How do they combine different bits of glass into one amazing structure? It appears confusing, but it’s a simple process made by cutting the glass properly, layering, and finally firing the piece properly. The process takes time when done properly, and


How to Make Bubble Print Art

Since the summertime has finally came around the corner and the heat forces children to seek refuge inside, they have to find alternatives besides playing outside in the extreme heat. If kids do go outside they often are near a water source to help keep things a little cooler. There are not

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